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Walking tour on backstreets of Asakusa

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour had a walking tour at Asakusa, Tokyo, with 5 participants from the Temple university Japan campus.

自転車 裏路地 Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour ツアー サイクリング ポタリング 東京 下町 江戸 町歩き walking

They are from various countries and study in Japan, and we organized a private tour for them as one of the activities of students.

We started walking through the central Asakusa, then eventually went into inside of the town.

自転車 裏路地 Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour ツアー サイクリング ポタリング 東京 下町 江戸 町歩き walking

It was so chilly day, but it gradually became to be warmer.

自転車 裏路地 Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour ツアー サイクリング ポタリング 東京 下町 江戸 町歩き walking

Some of them bought amulets and drew a fortune telling.

自転車 裏路地 Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour ツアー サイクリング ポタリング 東京 下町 江戸 町歩き walking

When we visited the Usijima shrine (牛嶋神社), we saw a group of police station nearby. They prayed the safety of their mission through 2021 not only for policemen but also police vehicles.

自転車 裏路地 Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour ツアー サイクリング ポタリング 東京 下町 江戸 町歩き walking

We hope they enjoyed our walking tour, and have a happy new year 2021.

Autumn leaves in Ashikaga

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour have a tour in Ashikaga, about 2 hours by train from the central Tokyo. We use rent-a-bike there.

Now, you can enjoy a lot of autumn leaves with wonderful red and yellow colours at a few places inside the town.

It must be ideal place to see the leaves by day trip from Tokyo.

You can also taste some local foods of Ashikaga.

Okonomiyaki in Innoshima island

You may know “Okonomiyaki” , a kind of pancakes, contains various ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables. You can eat it at almost all areas in Japan, but this is something special. Enjoy the video!

A guided tour with Bromptons by a local guide

We found a good guided bike tour in Ehime, Shikoku island.

Located near the Shimanamikaido, one of the most popular cycle ways in Japan, they organize some unique tours with Bromptons.

Miwa, a local guide, will show you hidden gems which you never find on websites or guidebook.

When you visit there, we highly recommend their tours, Go! Go! Brompton.

Ramen tour


If you are a ramen lover, joining a guided tour might be a good option. Brian, an American guy living in Tokyo, has organized ramen tours for a long time and has a good reputation.
After I met him in Shinjuku, I visited a ramen restaurant which he recommended. “Nagi” serves fine ramen with niboshi, a kind of dried sardine. It was fantastic!

Standard Niboshi Ramen

Please visit his site and Youtube.

If you wish to cycle in the west Tokyo……

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour have bike tours in the north part of Tokyo, including Asakusa, Yanaka, but if you wish to see rather the west, you can join the DIG TOKYO TOURS. This tour is operated by Andy, Australian guy. He has been in Japan so long time so that he knows the backstreets of this area as well as streetfoods.
His base is located near the Koenji railway station, where young people love to live because there are a lot of lovely second-hand clothes shops, Izakaya bars, restaurants and so on.

Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour cycling
I had a hamburger stake for lunch after I visited Andy in Koenji. It cost only 680 JPY, less than 7 USD!

This area is sometimes called “City of rock music”, because there are a few live houses. If you dream to be a Japanese rock star, it might be ideal place to live!

Our Website Renewal

We are pleased to announce the renewal of Trailfinders official website.

Its design and format are renewed for our customers and business partners to visit and use it more comfortably.

We will continue updating it and providing more useful information about our “Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour”.

The website in the other languages will be ready shortly.