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  3. Guided cycle tour on the backstreets of the central Tokyo

Guided cycle tour on the backstreets of the central Tokyo

Outline of the tour

This tour is our main bike tour including not only popular touristic places but also local backstreests where tourists rarely visit.

Departing our tour base, we cycle along Sanyabori park and reach Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple, one of the constituent temples of Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple. Then, you will also visit Imado Shrine, a power spot for couples and those looking for love.

We continue cycling on backstreets and cross the bridge on Sumida river by bikes, where is one of the best points to take pictures with the Tokyo Skytree (634m).

Then, we have a break at a Japanese traditional sweets shop “Chomeiji Sakuramochi”.
This tour will introduce off-the-beaten-path shopping streets and street foods.

You’ll get to visit Kappabashi Dougu streets (also known as “Kitchen Town” or “Kitchen Street”) in Tokyo where you can find kitchen tools, tableware, and plastic food replicas.

Finally, we visit the Yanaka Ginza shopping mall after cycling through the Yanaka cemetery.
This mall is one of the oldest malls in Tokyo, where you can find fine Japanese streetfoods.

Place to visit

Sanyabori Park(山谷堀公園)

Sanya-bori park

Soyabori Park used be a canal. Those who enjoyed Yoshiwara was red-light district established in Edo era (17th century). food and theatergoing in Asakusa moved to Yoshiwara by boat.

Matsuchiyama Shoden temple(待乳山聖天)

This temple is a part of Sensoji, founded in 595. There are many images of a “daikon (Japanese radish)” and a pouch in the temple. The daikon represents our minds trapped in deep ignorance, emanating poison of anger, but off by a daikon to temple, that poison will be removed from our The pouch is a symbol of treasure, and it represents the gift of prosperity in business. There is a beautiful garden, which is authentic Japanese style, in the temple. You can ride a small transportation (like a train) to go to the main building instead of walking up stairs.

Imado shrine(今戸神社)

Founded in 1063, this shrine is now a “Power spot”, that is popular for people who want lovers or marriage partners. (Power Spot = Sacred place) Beckoning Cat, Fortune Cat We say believing beckoning cats are great fortune, such as business prosperity, family happiness. Cat’s left paw brings many customers. Right paw brings money.

Chomeiji Sakuramochi(長命寺桜もち)

Sakuramochi, a Cherry Cake, is one of the most popular Japanese traditional sweets, which is wrapped in a salt-pickled cherry leaf, filled with red bean paste. They say, this shop was found the first Sakuramochi in Edo era. Why it is wrapped Probably, somebody looked to a lot of leaves on ground, fallen from cherry blossom trees, and thought to use them for some food.

Kappabashi utensil street(かっぱ橋道具街)

food samples

A shopping mall consisted of about 170 shops sells kitchen equipment, tableware and shop equipment. than them, there are few food samples shops. (Dougu = tools)

Note: Most of shops are closed on Sunday in this shopping mall.

Yanaka cemetery(谷中霊園)

Yanaka cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the central Tokyo. A lot of celebrities including the last Shogun TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu are buried there.

Yanaka Ginza shopping mall(谷中ぎんざ)

Yanaka is known as one of the old-town district. Shopping mall in Yanaka is a low-key commercial area where a lot of local people live, and old shops and buildings gather.

Note: Most of shops are closed on Wednesday in this shopping mall.

Nippori fabric street(日暮里繊維街)

It is a street with over 80 textile shops. Customers are professionals such as fashion designers, as well as cosplayers (costume players).

● Itinerary

13:00 Meeting at Hikifune raiway station


13:30Matsuchiyama Shoden temple, Imado shrine
14:00Chomeiji Sakuramoch
15:00Sensoji temple, Kappabashi utensil street
16:00Yanaka cemetery, Yanaka Ginza shopping mall
16:30Nippori fabric street
17:00Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour
Route map here
  • Price – ¥7,000 (yen)/1 person(tax incl.)
  • Duration – Approx. 4 hours
  • Inclusions – bike rental, 1 bottle of water and 1 Japanese sweet.
  • Exclusions – transportation to/form the meeting point. Additional orders food and drinks.
  • The number of passengers:4 persons max. We accept only 1 group.

☂☂☂Alternative walking tour in a rainy day☂☂☂

If it rains on the day of tour and you find it difficult to cycle, you can cancel the tour with free of charge, or you can alternatively join our walking tour below with same price.

Where we visit are almost same as our half day bike tour. We meet at the Asakusa subway station and walk to Sensoji temple through Nakamise shopping mall. Then, we keep walking to Kappabashi utensil street, Yanaka cemetery and Yanaka Ginza shopping mall through some backstreets in Tokyo. Finally, we take train and tram to Toden hotel where we Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour has our tour base.

●Where we visit

Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

Kappapashi utensil street

Yanaka cemetery

Yanaka Ginza shopping mall

●Itinerary (☂Alternative walking tour in a rainy day ☂ )

13:00 Meeting at exit 1 of Asakusa subway station

13:30Nakamise shopping mall and Sensoji temple
14:30Kappapashi utensil street
15:00Yanaka cemetery
15:30Yanaka GInza shopping mall
16:30Moving to Nippori railway station
17:00Tour end

※The itinerary above can be changed on your request.

  • Price – ¥7,000 (yen)/person
  • Duration – Approx. 4 hours
  • Inclusions – 1 bottle of water and transportation during the tour.
  • Exclusions – transportation to/form the meeting point. Additional orders food and drinks.
  • The number of passengers:4 persons max. We accept only 1 group.