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  3. Private half day tour on backstreets of low-key Shibamata town by Brompton

Private half day tour on backstreets of low-key Shibamata town by Brompton

Outline of the tour

Cycle through the retro streets of Shibamata on a rental foldable Brompton, a compact bicycle that is popular both in Japan and overseas.

There are plenty of local gems to be found outside the Tokyo tourist circuit — one of them is the quaint neighborhood of Shibamata. Easy to access by train from Nippori Station and the Tokyo Skytree, Shibamata’s retro streets, lined with traditional sweet shops and mom-and-pop restaurants, are perfect for visitors hoping to experience a lesser-known side of Japan’s capital.

In this private bike tour, you’ll cycle through Shibamata’s landmarks, including its main Buddhist Temple “Taishakuten”, a retro shopping street, and the biggest waterfront park within the 23 citiess of Tokyo. Experience the unique atmosphere of this local neighborhood at your own pace, stopping along the way for lunch and coffee at local spots.

Your host is a local bike enthusiast and travel writer with extensive experience guiding local bicycle tours. Eager to show you the authentic flavors, sights, and experiences in Shibamata, they will draw from their knowledge of the area to craft a tour itinerary suited to your needs.

Place to visit

Shibamata town and Taishakuten Bhuddist temple(柴又と帝釈天)

Shibamata is a district located in Katsushika city Tokyo, Japan. It’s famous for its nostalgic atmosphere, preserving the old Tokyo vibe. One of its most renowned attractions is the Shibamata Taishakuten Temple, which was founded in 1629 and is dedicated to Bishamonten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology.

Visitors to Shibamata can also enjoy strolling down the old-fashioned shopping street called Taishakuten Sando, lined with traditional shops selling snacks, souvenirs, and crafts. The area is also known for its connection to the popular Japanese film series “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” (It’s Tough Being a Man), as several movies in the series were filmed here, and there’s a museum dedicated to the films.

Lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant, and sweets at retro shop (ランチと和菓子)

For lunch, we usually visit a local restaurant, which has a lot of traditional Japanese menus. We can also taste some Japanese snacks around Shibamata town (Lunch is included, but snacks are not included)

Edogawa river cycling road (江戸川サイクリングロード)

After lunch, we cycle on the bank of Edogawa River. It flows through Tokyo and forms part of the boundary between Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture. The river has a rich history, having played a crucial role in the development of the region, particularly during the Edo period (1603-1868) when it was used for transportation and trade.

Mizumoto park(水元公園)

Mizumoto Park is a large public park located in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan. It’s known for its expansive green spaces, recreational facilities, and natural beauty. The park covers an area of around 92 hectares, making it one of Tokyo’s largest parks.

One of the highlights of Mizumoto Park is its vast pond, which serves as a habitat for various aquatic plants and animals. Visitors can enjoy walking and cycling paths along the waterfront, as well as picturesque views of the surrounding landscape.

Nakagawa river(中川)

We cycle back along the Nakagawa river, which flows residential areas in the north-east of Tokyo. You will see some daily life of local people there.

Bicycle coffee(バイシクルコーヒー)

Founded in San Fransico, 2009, they opened this Tokyo coffee shop in 2013. They provide fine coffees by fare-trading system to us (We will visit another cafe on Monday, because it closes).


Carryng Bromptons on train(ブロンプトン輪行体験)

In Japan, we need to prepare proper bags for bikes when you carry your bike on train. We travel to the starting point with your Brompton by train (A bag will be provided).


11:00 Meeting at the Cycle House Shibuya


12:30Shibamata, Taishakuten and Lunch
13:30 Edogawa cycling road
14:00 Mizumoto park
15:00 Bicycle coffee
16:00Cycle house Shibuya
Route map here.
  • Price – from¥20,000(yen)/1 person(tax incl.)
  • Duration – Approx. 5.0 hours.
  • Inclusions – bike rental, 1 bottle of water, lunch, 1 coffee (or other drink) and train fare during the tour .
  • Exclusions – transportation to/form the meeting point. Additional orders food and drinks.