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Private half day tour on backstreets of low-key Shibamata town by Brompton ブロンプトンで行く、柴又ポタリングツアー 

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour has released a new bike tour “Private half day tour on backstreets of low-key Shibamata town by Brompton”.

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Brompton, which was born in the UK, can be folded up small and can be easily carried on the train. In the UK, it is very useful for commuting in London and other places.

Katsushika Shibamata was the location for the film “Otoko wa Tsurai yo,” also known by the nickname “Tora-san.” While pottering around the setting of this film, which is loved by people of all ages throughout Japan, you can enjoy lunch and Japanese sweets that are unique to the approach to the shrine.

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After lunch in Shibamata, cycle along the Edogawa Cycling Road. Pedalling slowly through natural scenery that you wouldn’t expect to find in Tokyo, you’ll arrive at Mizumoto Park. This is also a treasure trove of nature, and is home to numerous waterfowl and aquatic creatures. There is also an abundance of plants, and you can enjoy seasonal flowers, but the irises that bloom around June are particularly famous.

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Tandem bike experience at Asakusa, Tokyo 浅草タンデム体験会報告

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour had a tandem bike experience for blinds and low visions at Asakusa, Tokyo.


We have already had the experiences a few times, but many joined it this time, including not only blinds and low visions but also their family members, their guides and guide dogs.



We will have the expriences near future, and anybody can use our tandems for our bike tours.

Ramen for vegans

If you are vegans, you may worry about eating out in Japan. However, when you join our Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour, we can take you to vegan ramen restaurant instead of those which we usually use for lunch.

When you join our Tokyo Private Sightseeing Tour by Bike with Water Bus or Private Half-Day Grand Bike Tour in Tokyo, we will have a lunch at Kyushu Jangara ramen, which has some vegan menus.

Unfortunately, there are only few vegan ramen restaurants in Tokyo, but you definitely have a chance to taste Japanese ramen there.

After enjoying ramen, let’s consume calories by cycling with us!










Tandem experience in the central Tokyo 東京の下町で、タンデム自転車ツアーはいかがでしょうか?

タンデム自転車 Tandem bike

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour have a tandem bike for our guests. It is ideal not only for couples and families but also for disables such as blinds, low-vision.

You can use our tandem for morining tour and afternoon tour.




タンデム自転車 Tandem Bike

We also provide a experimental ride with free of charge. The next ride is below;

・Time and date: 11:00-12:00 17. FEB. 2024

・Venue: Sakurabashi bridge, near Asakusa ★MAP

Please ask for details by our inquiry form.



・場所:東京 桜橋(隅田川に架かる橋のひとつです) ★地図


東京下町自転車ツアーは、カンヌ国際映画祭にノミネートされた映画『パーフェクトデイズ』の舞台を走ります! You can see some spots in the cinema “Perfect Days”, nominated for the Cannes international film festival, when you join our bike tour.


We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour usually cycle in the area, where the cinema “Perfect Days” , nominated for the Cannes international film festival.


We usually cycle in front of the pablic bath where Yakushu Koji, the main actor in this cinema, daily visit.


In the cinema, he lives in the town around our Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour, near the Tokyo Skytree.


We also cycle in Asakusa, he always enjoyes drnking.


Why don’t you cycle with us to see the world of this cinema?

A Happy New Year 2024!

New Year’s in Tokyo is a magical time, and exploring the city by bike is a fantastic way to experience it. The festive atmosphere, decorated shrines and temples, and vibrant street life are all amplified when you’re on two wheels.

We Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour are looking forward to your joinig! Have a great time by our bike tours!





今年7月に東京都でも公道走行が解禁されたことを受けて、また来年もタンデムも体験会をやりましょう! と意気投合しました。


タンデム自転車で、浅草の秋を巡るサイクリングはいかがでしょうか? Why don’t you cycle by a tandem around Asakusa?


Autumn leaves in Tokyo are so beautiful now.

タンデム自転車 Tandem 東京下町自転車ツアー Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour 浅草 視覚障がい者 視覚障害者


The season now is winter in Japan, but it is usually warm in day time, ideal for cycling.

タンデム自転車 Tandem 東京下町自転車ツアー Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour 浅草 視覚障がい者 視覚障害者


Other than our folding bikes, we can prepare a tandem bike for you.

タンデム自転車 Tandem 東京下町自転車ツアー Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour 浅草 視覚障がい者 視覚障害者


From 1 July 2023, we can cycle tandems on public roads in Tokyo. When you cycle it, a lot of tourists must look at you! It is also so Instagramatic!

タンデム自転車 Tandem 東京下町自転車ツアー Tokyo Backstreets Bike Tour 浅草 視覚障がい者 視覚障害者


A tandem is available for blind and low-vision people as well.


We accept inquiries by address below.